Transform your fears about getting on the radio
into courage and confidence!

Are you a coach who does fantastic work, and you want to help even more clients?
Are you a passionate colorist who wants to spread the word about your coloring gatherings?
Are you an artist who would love to turn people on to the magic of color, or a sculptor who would love to see more sales?
Maybe a speaker who’d love more engagements so you can reach and have positive impact on more people?

Yes? Then this is for you!

radioDid you know Forbes has said that of all the media, radio is by far the medium listened to the most?

I read that 75% of Americans listen to the radio – mostly on their way to work and back.

A captive audience! Wouldn’t you love to get your message into their ears in that 30 to 60-minute morning and evening time?!?


:-(( Your Facebook posts are seen by maybe 10- to 15% of your friends, and each post only lasts maybe 90 minutes.

:-(( Your tweets appear on the wall for maybe 24 minutes at the most before they are lost in the scroll-down.


Your hour-long interview on a radio show gets out to thousands of people at once, can be played again even if you’re not there, and is archived forever on the radio website. Advertising at no cost whatsoever.


If you are really passionate about what you want to say to people, getting interviewed on radio shows is a fantastic, free way to get attention, have more impact on more of the people you serve, and to make more money through sales of your book or programs or products.

Yesterday I told you that there are people who say,

“I’m afraid of going on the air – what if I blow it?”
“What if I forget what I’m saying and freeze?”
“What if someone heckles me?”
“What if I don’t prepare right?”

What if you could turn those into statements like these (that I’ve gotten from people who studied with me):

“Now that I know how to build my presentation right, I feel excited, calm and confident!”
“I know my materials so well that I feel like I could handle anything!”
“I know how to turn those silly hecklers into amazing helpers!”
“Feeling prepared and able to be on the right shows for me feels freeing and exhilarating!”

Think for a moment what feeling that excited, calm and confident would be like as you pick up your phone and get on a show that welcomes you and actually wants to hear your message, and help you sell your goodies.

Feel that.

That’s what I want for you.


Except that there’s this little voice in your head saying things that make you not look for or book shows, not want to get on them, not prepare your presentation right, feel sick to your stomach, feel afraid of people laughing at you….

Those are the thoughts and old habits that keep you stuck and unable to progress. What to do???


Get the audios (and bonus) from my Stop the Darn Success Stoppers teleseminar!

Because it’s time to get those destructive thoughts cleaned up and shifted, ready to support your dream.

Once you find and transform the stopper thoughts, feelings, beliefs and energy that keep you from forging ahead with the success you desire, you can turn things around and make up for lost time.

We will transform those fears and doubts. We’ll clean them up and transform the energy so you can feel clear and free, calm, courageous and confident!

What if you could feel excited, calm and confident about getting on the air and talking about your message to thousands of people???

Think about how many more people you could help.

Think about the incredible life-supporting impact you can have on them!

Think about how you can talk about your book and your products and programs.

You’ll make more money so you can not only use it for yourself, but be able to create more stuff to help more people. How cool is that?

Allow yourself to reach and
impact more people!


…you coaches say, “I love it that I can help so many more clients!”
…you passionate colorists say, “Wow! I just got 10 more people into our Wednesday night gathering!”
…you artists say, “I love teaching so many new people about how to live artfully!”
Or, “I love being able to reach so many more artists to help them paint better!”
…you sculptors say, “I can hardly believe how many people love my sculpture. I always thought it was something only for the monied elite. I just made 3 sales – yeah!”
…you speakers say, “I just got invited to speak at a huge convention by a guy who heard me on the radio!”

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As you listen and read, we will transform those fears and doubts. We’ll clean them up and transform the energy so you can feel clear and free, calm, courageous and confident!