ATL-IMP-blk-72-300wHi, and welcome to Get Radio Ready Now.

I’m Angela Treat Lyon, Host and Producer of Daring Dreamers Radio at, since 2006. I’m really pleased you’re here!

People have asked me why I have put together the Get Radio Ready System. Here’s why:

It was May, 2006. I was at a huge CEO/business leaders’ convention in L.A. One night on my way up to my room after dinner, I got into the elevator with a noisy group of other business owners. I edged my way into a little bit of space in the front, next to the well known and very popular CEO of a successful international business group.

The Question that Changed Everything

Deciding that just because she didn’t know me wasn’t a good excuse not to talk to her, I turned to her and asked, “what would be the one powerful, previously secret tip you’d give an entrepreneur in today’s online marketing explosion?”

She looked over at me just as the door opened to her floor and said, “Get on the radio,” and walked out.

Right as the door closed the last inch, she reached her hand in, apologized to the others, looked at me and said, “But don’t treat being a guest like being an in-person advertisement – don’t try to pitch anything. Just tell your deep ‘why,’ and you won’t be able to keep people away.”

She took her hand out of the door, and I found myself lobbing back and forth ideas about being on the radio with the other entrepreneurs as we hurtled to the upper floors.

In ten short seconds, she had opened us all up and propelled us
onto a completely new path we’d never dreamed of before that night.


When I got home, I made good on her advice, getting on many shows. And…I created my own show. I’ve had hundreds of guests, many of whom have successfully sold their books, products, services and programs, simply by talking about their ‘why,’ instead of outright selling anything.

Radio Ready

Eventually, I decided to help other business owners and entrepreneurs take her advice by helping them get on the radio.

Only I do way more than that. I train and certify them as Radio Ready – I want them to be the very best guests that any host or producer would ever want on their show. So good, in fact, that they ask them to come back, again and again.

More and more people are waking up to the benefits of being on the air. But not all of them are great guests – oh my, the horror tales I could tell you – I’ve had some of the most disastrous interviews you could imagine.

The Get Radio Ready Now System

The Get Radio Ready Now System has been designed to train you so rigorously and thoroughly that, when hosts and producers see that you’ve been certified by me, they’ll know right off the bat that you will be an excellent, entertaining, amazing, unique, intelligent guest their listeners will adore, and want back again and again. And so that so that you will feel completely prepared for any show, talk or conference at which you are asked to speak.

Being a Radio Ready Guest on the radio can get you in front of thousands of people who are already in your target market – many of them are captive audiences in their cars on their way to and from work, aching to hear your voice and about your work.

If you want to easily reach more people in your specific market, have a greater impact on them than ever before, and make more money from your products, books and programs, being a great radio show guest is your best bet.

If that’s what you want, you’ll pat yourself on the back for the rest of your life for going through my Get Radio Ready System, and the Radio Ready Guest Certification Program.